Retirement and Pain: Agism and society

Last night, while watching the Tony award show, I noticed some of the advertisements focused on older adults; retirement and pharmaceutical pain management. The former used visuals to scare the viewer into realizing that they will live longer than 65 and had better be saving for retirement, and the latter also used visuals to show how limiting life is without the use of their medicine. More


Am I getting old? Agism and society.

I remember sitting on my fathers hospital bed and telling him that he would not recover from this illness. He was surprised, shocked, and ultimately denied what I was saying. I often notice the same reaction from people who become aware of how old they are and what that means in this society. More


Video Episode 1: Introduction

In this video I outline the philosophy for the set of videos I will create based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Jan 22, 2008)More